The Bubble Store is all about being flamboyantly extraaa and luxuriously loud!

A funky, peppy creative and excitingly exceptional brand, infused withhappiness and all things colourful, The Bubble Store is a one of a kind store, where we believe to add a zillion colours to your daily routine with our handmade artisanal soaps.

Made with dollops of love and lots of good-for-you-oils and butters, scrub out your boring morning routine and slide down the rainbow as we lather some excitement with our refreshingly gorgeous fun-loving soaps.

Suitable for anybody and everybody, irrespective of their age or gender. These hand frosted bath whips have amazing natural benefits and promotes pristine skin care.

These handcrafted jewels can also be used for gifting and decor purposes to boost your lazy mornings into a party each day every day.

Now you must be thinking, so much drama for a soap?!

Hell yeah! We are all about the DRAMA!!!